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VIVID - Borrowed Voice: Freedom of Expression vs Cultural Appropriation

How much creative licence can you give an artist to tell other people’s cultural experiences?

How is this issue affecting emerging artists from diverse cultural backgrounds in Australia?

Join us as we explore the blurry lines between cultural exchange and cultural appropriation and their effect on the production of creative works in Australia by tipping a traditional debate on its head.

Teams of artists, writers and comedians will question the ethics of representation and the concepts of identity politics and political correctness through a ‘reversed-debate’ format. ’Affirmative’ speakers will argue the negative standpoint to highlight the shortcomings of the opposing view, with the  aim of exploring this serious and contentious subject through an entertaining, thought-provoking and engaging discussion. 

This event is presented by Sydney PEN and Settlement Services International (SSI) as part of the SSI Speakers’ Series. 


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