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PEN Sydney Writer’s Refuge 

PEN Sydney invites applications for the 2021-22 Writer’s Refuge 

Applications close at 11:59pm on Sunday, June 20, 2021 

PEN Sydney is calling for applications for the 2021-22 Writer’s Refuge. Generously supported by the Faculty of Arts Social  Sciences (FASS), UTS, and housed in PEN Sydney’s office in FASS, the Writer’s Refuge is a dedicated metropolitan  workspace for writers in our community living with disadvantage and/or discrimination which restricts the pursuit of their  work. We encourage applications from First Nations writers, CALD writers, writers with disability, writers on temporary  protection visas and any other writers who believe they would benefit from this opportunity.  

Through FASS, PEN Sydney will provide a small and comfortable workspace which includes desk and ergonomic chair,  computer and printer access, and an honorarium of $300 per month. PEN Sydney will initially offer the Writer’s Refuge on  a three-monthly basis – although depending on the specific nature of a request, and at the discretion of the Management  Committee, a writer may be appointed for a shorter or longer period.  

PEN Sydney and UTS will liaise with the successful applicant as to whether they would like their residency publicised.  (Note: University security protocol will require successful applicants to be identified to UTS.) In return for the space offered,  PEN Sydney will also request a short (500-1000-word maximum) piece of writing which could take any form (prose, poetry,  drama; works-in-progress/excerpts) to be published on the PEN Sydney website and/or in the magazine. 

To apply*, applicants should submit a (maximum 500-word) expression of interest that describes the nature of their need,  the work they will undertake at the Writer’s Refuge and indicate at least three preferred occupancy periods: July-October  2021; October-January 2021; January-April 2022 or April-July 2022. Additionally, they should attach a CV or Bio (maximum  1 A4 page) including names and contact details for two referees.  

The deadline for this round of applications is 11:59pm on June 20, 2021 

Applications and any questions should be addressed by email to: 

All applications will be treated with strict privacy and confidentiality and successful applicants determined through votes  by PEN Sydney’s Management Committee Members. A shortlist may be created for subsequent appointments; a second  application round may occur later in the year depending on demand.  

*Writers may also be nominated at any time to the Writer’s Refuge confidentially by PEN Sydney members and external  organisations or individuals. PEN Sydney Management Committee may also invite and directly appoint a writer. 

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