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PEN Sydney calls to legislate press freedom in wake of AFP ABC raids

PEN Sydney is shocked at the blatant violation of freedom of information represented by the AFP raids on the ABC and the punitive action taken against professional journalists reporting on matters of public interest.

"To watch police raiding the offices of the national broadcaster, using a warrant that allowed them to 'add, copy, delete, or alter' information is to witness the kind of repressive behaviour we would normally associate with the worst sorts of dictatorships," PEN Sydney President, Mark Isaacs said.

"Even more worrying is that these recent actions are more visible aspects of increased government surveillance powers which threaten press freedom. Today's actions have seriously damaged Australia's standing as a free and liberal society."

"PEN Sydney calls on the government to respect the independence of the media and to urgently take steps to protect media freedom through legislation," he said.

PEN Sydney is an affiliate of PEN International, which is dedicated to the protection of freedom of expression.

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Image: Used with permission of Alan Moir at


With permission of Alan Moir at”

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