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For more than a week, Ukraine has been defending itself, displacing Russian demotivated soldiers in certain locations. Russian propagandists stated that Kyiv would be captured in a matter of days, but this did not happen. Ukraine withstands the attack, but Russia shifts tactics and begins terrorizing the civilian population. Unfortunately this has also affected us. Writer Oleksandr Mykhed, who is a member of PEN Ukraine, lost his home due to Russian bombing.

After an unsuccessful attack on Ukraine, the Russian army started brutally shelling civil infrastructure: residential blocks, schools, kindergartens, public transport, and civilian cars. On 1 March Russia has bombed Babyn Yar, site of a Memorial to Jews executed by Nazis during the Second World War. On 4 March Russian occupants shelled Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant, the largest nuclear power plant in Europe. Russians hold Сhernobyl power plant staff hostage for the tenth day. Despite that NATO still refuses to implement a no-fly zone around the country which has given Russia a green light to continue bombarding peaceful towns and villages. 
Thousands of people in Ukraine, including children, pregnant women and the elderly, are currently on the brink of extinction without access to medicine, food, or drinking water. In occupied cities Russian invading forces broadcasting Russian propaganda.
By 4 March the Russian army had already killed at least 331 civilians, including 19 children. Most civilian casualties were caused by the use of explosive weapons with a wide impact area, including shelling from heavy artillery and multi-launch rocket systems, and missile and air strikes. That is why we need to double our efforts in advocating a NATO no-fly zone over Ukraine.

Please support us in establishing a military no-fly zone over Ukraine:

  1. Join the campaign on social media and tag the head of your government using hashtag #ProtectUАSky;
  2. You as well can join peace protest in your city or organise your own;
  3. Write a letter to your PM and head of the government.
We call to boycott the Russian state now, until it completely withdraws from Ukraine and is held responsible for its war crimes:
  • Suspend Russian participation in international cultural events such as festivals, biennials, exhibitions, art and literature fairs, including the Russian pavilion at the Venice Biennale;
  • Boycott events organised by Russian institutions as well as international foundations that are directly and indirectly linked to or funded by Putin’s regime and Russian capital;
  • Cancel any cooperation with Russian artists, no matter how great or famous, as long as they openly support Putin’s regime, silence its crimes, or do not publicly and directly oppose it;
  • Remove representatives affiliated with the Russian state or Russian capital from supervisory and advisory boards of your organisations;
  • Refuse any donations, funding or sponsorship from Russian organisations, their proxies and affiliates based in other countries.
Help Ukraine by stopping any cooperation with Russia and communicate your decision publicly to encourage your peers to follow your example. Use the hashtags #BoycottRussia, #StandWithUkraine, #StopRussia.
We continue a series of conversations #DialoguesOnWar, where Ukrainian and foreign intellectuals talk about the experience of the war and share their own observations:
What do you know about Ukrainians? For the last ten years, Ukraine has been published on the covers of world newspapers with the headlines “Revolution of Dignity” and “War”. These events proved that freedom is the key value of the Ukrainian people. Why do Ukrainians continue to fight for their values, despite the aggression of one of the largest countries in the world? We have compiled a list of fiction and non-fiction books that will help you better understand Ukrainian history and mentality. All books are available in English.


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